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"Every person has an energy body, whether they like this or not. Energy body disturbances are first noticed through our emotions, which are trying to tell us there is something wrong, not with the physical body, but with THE ENERGY BODY. If we ignore this for long enough, physical disease cannot help but follow."  Silvia Hartmann

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Angels - Healing Angels: The Rainbow Angels

Angels - Healing Angels: The Rainbow Angels

Angels Healing Angels The Rainbow Angels

Meet the healing angels and find out which one of the rainbow angels wants to come to you today ...

Angels are messengers from other dimensions, other planes of existence, far away places of extraordinary beauty, power and wonder.

Angels exist in and of themselves, beyond any naming convention bestowed upon them by this religion, or that. In their purest form, angels are beings of energy and enchantment and we can call them into our lives in many different ways.

Rainbow Angels are free and clear, and everyone can call upon them to bring them healing, love, more energy and even knowledge of the wonders of the Universe.

Find out which angel wants to meet with you today!


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