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"Every person has an energy body, whether they like this or not. Energy body disturbances are first noticed through our emotions, which are trying to tell us there is something wrong, not with the physical body, but with THE ENERGY BODY. If we ignore this for long enough, physical disease cannot help but follow."  Silvia Hartmann

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Inner Child

Inner Child Healing - Healing The Child Within

Inner Child Guided Meditation Script Child In The Meadow

Inner Child Guided Meditation Script Child In The Meadow We have had many requests for free guided imagery meditation scripts, and in particular, for an inner child guided meditation or a hypnosis or self hypnosis script to meet the inner child.

Dr Silvia Hartmann has kindly written "The Child In The Meadow" for us to pass on for free - with our best wishes to the inner child, the angel child.
Posted Mar 27, 2009 42,864 Reads More...

Inner Child Healing: Healing The Child Within

Inner Child Healing: Healing The Child Within We really all do have "an inner child", and indeed, there are many inner children, as many of them as time events unfolded and we changed from one state into the other and still do.

However, the concept of the "injured inner child" is the metaphor that describes those times of our life and the totalities we were right then who sustained specific and long lasting injuries.
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The Child

The Child The Child is an energy hypnosis meditation for the child within - a form of magical poem that raises energies and in doing so, creates an event in the energy system.

To get the best results with this inner child meditation script, read it out aloud and EVOKE the story with meaning and energy.
Posted Apr 21, 2007 4,805 Reads More...

Inner Child Story: Sereyahs Song

Inner Child Story: Sereyahs Song Sereyah's Song is an Inner Child Healing Story, A Healing Story For The Child Within - A story for abused children to find their true self worth by Dr Silvia Hartmann.

This is one of 15 stories in the collection of healing fairy tales for the Inner Child The Golden Horse.
Posted Jun 21, 2006 3,987 Reads More...

Inner Child Poem: To Find The Child

An inner child healing poem "To Find The Child" which can be the start of a meditation or a personal meditation on your own journey to find a child of your own ...

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Inner Child Healing With EFT

The Inner Child Healing EFT protocol is a powerful tool for self healing and an opportunity to change the past and reparent the child within.

Using the EFT proxy protocol, this inner child healing pattern creates loving bonds through which healing and energy may flow from you to the child and baby you once were.

Posted Feb 21, 2002 4,764 Reads More...
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